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Often when we go through a long time, but it turns out that we've done nothing, we feel like a failure. On the other hand, there is a sense of pride in ourselves when we pass the time and manage to get things done.

That's why we are often willing to work hard for something, one of which is to pursue that feeling of pride. But for whom are we really working hard?

If you think about it, not most of us may work hard, not for ourselves. Indeed, the feeling of pride in being able to complete many things can still arise.

But do we really feel the results of that hard work, or is it just organizational work, office work, or anything that we really don't like doing?

If we like it, no problem at all. It's okay to work hard for the things we love. It's good.

But for jobs that we actually don't really like, it would be much better if we streamline and shorten our time there, not leave it, but be efficient, effective, because some of them even though we don't like it, but it's our obligation. Here is how.

Make sure everything is efficient. #

Efficient means doing things in the best way. If there is a better way (faster, cheaper, better, and more), then take it and use that method. Leave the traditional and ancient techniques that are no longer relevant. Look for the most versatile way. For example, using the fastest route to go, looking for a better supplier, etc.

Make sure everything is effective #

Effective means giving effect. It is useless if it's efficient but not effective. It's useless to go to work quickly, but it turns out you can finish it from home. It's useless to find a good supplier, but it turns out that it's easy to make the stuff yourself, etc. Even though we've wasted our time here, there's nothing wrong with leaving it behind if it turns out to be ineffective. Better late than never, they said.

Delegate tasks #

Have you ever got a thing that you're already tired of, and it turns out that there are a lot of people who can and want to do it? It's time for us to delegate the work to other people. It could be that the work we are bored of is liked by other people. Focus on the things that only we can do or are proficient with.

Buy the time #

Don't be afraid to spend money on things that save time. For example, order Uber delivery food instead of buying your own. While waiting the Uber comes, you can do other things that are far more useful than go buying your own food.

It also helps the Uber drivers, right? Because they actually get income from orders like that. We can do other things that are in our field. Are we willing to sacrifice hours queuing and going back and forth from home just to save 5 dollars?

After we manage to make our time efficient and maximally effective, maybe suddenly we have a lot of free time. Don't let this free time be used for useless things, like just playing games and scrolling through social media.

It's useless to have free time but not use it for good things. Look for things that are useful for us. You can start trying to find new experiences and hobbies, learn new skills, broaden your horizons, build relationships, travel here and there, and much more.

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