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Seth Godin is one of the writers that I salute. I subscribe to his newsletter and what's cool is that he delivers it every day, unlike the others, which are usually once a week. And the content is also not too long, so it's not too burdensome to read, and there's just some insight that he gives.

It's no wonder that the book he wrote is also very short, but the insight in it is good and really must be practised. One of his books that I just read the summary yesterday is entitled The Dip, which only has 80 pages.

According to him, dip or basin is the long distance between beginning and mastery. It is also the laziest phase in pursuing something, because in the dip is just work, work, and work.

To be able to master anything at all, people have to go through the dip first. Unfortunately, this dip takes a lot of time and effort.

Seth, in his book, asserts that we have to choose a dip that is really worth it for us to finish. Seth said we should focus all our energy on dips that can make us the best in that field.

Don't waste energy on dips that don't give us any progress, and only make us stagnate. If we're not the best there, Seth said,

"Just quit."

Why do we have to be the best? Because now people always want the best for anything.

For example, we rarely buy goods at the fourth best store. We mostly buy from the best store available.

Even when we search on Google, the first thing we click is definitely the one that appears at the top. That's why there is a quote that says,

"Be the best or nothing."

If we've found a dip that will lead us to be the best, finish the dip until it's finished, until we really become the best.

Never give up on something just because you're tired. Take a break, and continue again. People who give up easily and change goals, will usually keep giving up to change goals again.

The distance between us and success is usually not very visible, so it makes us lazy because it seems like there is no result.

In fact, there are some things whose results will only appear once the struggle is about to end.

For example, muscles. Many people can't consistently go to the gym, because, indeed muscles are usually only visible at the end of the workout period. Keep it up!

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