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Stay Safe, All!

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Most people are too focused on living their lives to pursue something and often sacrifice their health. In fact, our health should be the most guarded asset. Because no matter how successful we are, it won't be very useful if we can't enjoy it because of our unhealthy body.

There's nothing wrong with starting to pay attention to your own body from now. As gratitude for being given a healthy body, we should take care of it. Give yourself a break, don't force yourself to work hard without rest. Don't be cruel to your own body.

Whenever you focus on a task or anything that wastes your energy, don't forget to give your brain a break when you're done, with entertainment or whatever. Get enough sleep, because it will be more productive to work in the morning instead of trying to stay up late, although it varies from person to person.

Pay attention to your food, too. Do not often eat and drink unhealthy. It may be delicious for now, but no one knows in tens of years what this body will become if it is filled with such many junk foods.

Especially during a pandemic like this, your health must be a top priority. Don't force yourself to go out if it's not really important. Stay home as much as you can. Even though people are now starting to return to normal, the epidemic is still not over.

Stay safe, everyone!

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