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My previous article, insights from The Lean Startup, is not very successful (not traced, the points are not summarized until the end). Actually, it's probably because I don't want to write the usual stuff, like stale things that everyone already knows. So just the important ones that can really add insight. As usual, I write everything in Evernote.

Yesterday, I just installed the Evernote app. Usually, I use the web version, which is installed via Microsoft Edge, but now I install the app version, so I can get all the advantages.

However, there is a nasty bug, namely spell check, which can only be set in English and can't be turned off. So in every writing, which is always written in Indonesian, there is always a red underscore in almost every word, and that is really annoying.

Finally, I started searching on Google to solve this problem, but it turns out that the developer hasn't solved it yet. So I had to get used to the red lines in every post. Even so, after searching, I found one thing that is quite interesting in Evernote.

It turns out that many people use Evernote to be their personal place to store all the information they get on the internet. Because Evernote has a good searching system, Evernote can even be a personal Google for them.

So, we can search for anything we've found on the internet, without having to search all sources again, because everything has been stored there.

I can say it is really cool. I feel bad because I just realized that now. Indeed because the human brain is really limited, we shouldn't store all the information in our brains. Our brains are designed to think and process information, not keep it.

It's possible to store information in our brain. Still, it's limited, and keeping too much information in the brain can hinder us from processing information. Once we think about something, we can't move on to think about something else. That's because what's in our brains is already piled up.

We can save a lot of information, one of which is in this note-taking app like Evernote, so that our brains are not burdened with a lot of information. If we think of a computer as an example, our brains can be RAM while the SSD is Evernote (not the slow HDD).

Besides information from the internet, we can also save our ideas in Evernote. It's not uncommon for us to suddenly think of any good idea. And we are then afraid that the idea will be lost because it's so good, so we keep thinking about it until we can implement the idea.

If we write our ideas in Evernote, our brain will find it easier to come up with other cool ideas, because we no longer store old ideas. And old ideas can be stored in Evernote until it's time to rerelease them when the opportunity arises.

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