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Nowadays, everyone seems to be always competing to be the happiest and richest on social media. It's not uncommon for people to show something that is actually "not really me", but for the sake of publicity, they show it.

Since there are so many people like this, finding someone who is always authentic will definitely be a unique case. One of the things that makes someone trusted to be a leader is because he has a principle that he adheres to.

Many of us are still faithless in everything, so we prefer to depend on and be led by people that have principles.

If they are faced with choices that they have to choose, they will choose the option that fits their principles. People who do not have principles will find it difficult to choose because there are no principles held.

Here are some basic principles you can try.

Do what allowed #

We have to know things we are permitted to do, and things that are prohibited.

In Islam, for example, there is a general law for everything outside the worship scope,

"Everything is lawful until there is a prohibition."

So if, for example, there is absolutely no harm/loss, that's okay to do, because the original law is allowed.

Leave what prohibited #

Find out and make sure if a thing is prohibited, illegal, and we have to leave it because it violates the principles we hold. Never violate your own principles.

In Islam, there is an initial law for matters related to worship, which says,

"All worship is forbidden to be done, until there is a shari'a that instructs to do it."

Why is the initial law illegal? Because there tend to be a lot of worship that if we do, it will not even get a reward because of heresy.

If you want something, ask #

If there's something we need and we don't get it, or it's still in someone else's hand, and it's our allotment, there's absolutely nothing wrong with asking.

Especially if it's our right. Only we know what our needs are, and we should care the most about our own needs. Don't expect people to always fulfil and provide for our needs without us asking.

Don't like something, change it #

Sometimes, we face something we don't like, maybe because it doesn't suit us and we're uncomfortable with it.

Don't expect people to know what we don't like and adapt themselves. We should be the ones to tell if we don't like it, politely. Ask slowly, and usually, people will accept.

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