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I really like reading books and watching YouTube videos about personal development. Every time I read or watch things like that, I always feel like I'm growing. But actually, it didn't.

To practice the things that are in personal development, I must first have a personality that can be developed. If you don't have works to do, what do you want to manage? It will be useless for me to learn time management.

There's nothing wrong with learning personal development early, but if we still do not need it, it's just not relatable.

It's different if we're already busy. For example, if we go to university while working part-time, there will definitely be many "aha!" moments when we read the book about self-development.

So, in my opinion, in the beginning, don't just be preoccupied with self-development, but start looking for what our goals are, and start approaching those goals step by step.

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