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Just Be Patient

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Sometimes things don't go according to our plans, and what we have planned doesn't work at all.

However, we are only human, and there are only a few things we can control. The rest is beyond our control.

And if our plans fail, or something doesn't go according to our wishes, one of the most rational responses and the first thing that comes to mind is anger. Haha.

We protest. Even though we already know that it is beyond our control and whatever we do will not change destiny, because it has happened.

Even worse, we only protest to people close to us, to friends, family. Not directly to the person who is responsible for it.

"Ah, the officers are very slow. I hate it."

Usually, it's because we don't dare. Haha.

If there's nothing we can do, it's better to be patient. It's trite, but it's true.

Sheikh Ali Jaber once said that if we were struck by disaster, be patient. Because destiny has already been determined, if we are impatient, we can even get sinned. You've had a disaster. Don't make it worse by getting into sin.

But if we are patient, at least we can get a reward, even though destiny cannot be changed.

Just be patient, fella.

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