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We've all been given a deadline that we thought was long, then we procrastinate, saying, "ah I have a long time". And when it's tight, we start working on it, and finally, it can still be finished on time. Feel familiar?

If you learn time management, you will find something called Parkinson's Law, which says,

A task will swell (in perception) to fill the time available for completion.

That is, if we provide a longer time for a task that can be completed more quickly, then we will do the task according to the time we have prepared (longer).

For example, if our parents give us one day to clean the room, even though we can finish it in one hour, then we will be busy cleaning the room that whole day. Even though it's finished, we'll still look for what can still be done, and usually, it's not really important or even pointless.

That's why we usually procrastinate on a work, because we believe that the work can be completed in a short time. Not that procrastination is good, really. Because we also often procrastinate because we neglect the task.

But if we can use this Parkinson's Law correctly, we will significantly streamline our time. We don't need to spend a lot of time doing trivial work, so we can do more things.

After we practice the Parkinson Law, we'll have more free time. Just be sure we use the free time bonus to do other useful work. Don't waste it again.

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