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To make it easier for humans to achieve a goal, we made rules. So that it will be clear what should and should not be done in order to achieve the goal. Rules also distinguish humans from animals who simply live according to the laws of nature.

Therefore, the rules makers should really understand the environment affected by their rules. Anyone in that environment who follows the rules should also be safe until they reach their destination. Because the rules (should) not just be made, right? There is a reason behind everything. There's a "why" behind it.

But we are still in an era where everything is growing exponentially. Everything suddenly changes. The rules that have been made a long time ago are often no longer relevant.

It may still reach the goal, but it is less effective because it does not take advantage of the existing grown situation. The rules tend to ignore, even become hostile, and assume that growth and changes that occur will only hinder us from our goals.

In fact, growth and changes can help in all aspects, depending on whether we want to use it or not.

And if we are aware that we are in a situation where we have to choose, follow the rules or dump them for the sake of time, energy, and cost efficiency, go ahead. Rules cannot adapt themselves.

Unfortunately, the rule makers are usually too comfortable with the rules they made, so they don't want to change them and reject any changes that they assume are untested and fragile.

They don't want to sacrifice their comfort zone and their battle-tested rules, because of fear.

If a goal can be achieved more efficiently without using that rule, in my opinion, then it's fine to disobey, as long as nothing goes wrong. Do not let the rules hinder and make us close our eyes and refuse to follow the existing growth, especially in tech.

After all, there will definitely be someone who comes forward. If that's not us, then it will be someone else. So, choose wisely.

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