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Lately, if you take a look at Twitter, there's a lot of fuss. Lots. Because I will take the college exam, I need to do more positive vibes, so I move my Explore's region to the US, where the trending is cooler, and there is little to no fuss.

I also filter some keywords that provoke a fuss. Genuinely speaking, Indonesia's trending is very toxic. Maybe we are collectively toxic.

I started looking for people who write good blogs, and I found Gita Savitri. Her posts are excellent, critical, and clear. She can express her thoughts through writing without ambiguity, and we can get the meaning. Very cool. She has written two books, and one of them has been made into a movie.

However, I still often go through Instagram and do some scrolling because it's very hard to get rid of this FOMO. Well, there's a friend of mine who really likes to talk about religious issues. Usually, it's already been viral on Twitter, but he just saw it because he doesn't have Twitter, and someone just uploaded it on Instagram. Because I'm very active on Twitter (so to speak), it seemed really stale when I saw his IG story.

First, what he discussed has been discussed very often by public figures with thousands of followers. And he discussed it like he was the first to discuss it, haha. I don't mean to belittle or forbid people from telling others to do something good. Because after all, don't wait for your perfection to spread the truth.

I myself don't want to give my personal opinion about a problem on social media that everyone can see, let alone convince people to follow my opinion, especially on things that I'm not very good at.

Only if, for example, I'm asked for my opinion on things that I'm really good at, I will go ahead. When I was in high school, the new student council members often asked things about student council affairs, sometimes asked me to get together to discuss the problems. If it's about then, then I'm down.

I'm willing to in, simply because I really know about student council affairs. When in 11th grade, we have a team that holds a lot of events. Many have succeeded, thank God, and some have failed. But from the failed and successful ones, there must we can learn something.

At the student council I've performed, people already know who I am and what I've been doing. That's why I dare to talk about it. It's a different story if I comment on social media. For example, about religion. I'm not like Ustadz Firanda, who is already well-known in the community as one of the big ustadz, I'm just a former student from a boarding school, and no one knows me personally.

I'm afraid; if I, a nobody, join to comment and my comments accidentally go viral, people will be like, "Wow, he is a nobody, but he dares to comment like this? And it's viral? Hey, I think this doesn't seem right. I have to comment too."

And because I'm a nobody, but I can comment and even go viral, they then think that they're also allowed to speak up. Finally, it's not uncommon to have debates ala Indonesia Twitter which, if you read it, just makes you say wtf.

Even though it's not viral, it's still possible for our friends to comment, and because we are the ones who deliver, things that should be discussed seriously become jokes. I'd rather not talk about it than invite our friends to joke about things like that.

The point is, if we really don't really know much about something or we even don't have any experience in that field, it's so better if we don't talk about it too much. We'd better give time and place for the people who really understand the field to explain.

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