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No Privilege No Cry

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The situation is not always favourable for us. There are times when the situation actually makes things worse. Although many also benefit from the situation, such as those who have privileges.

Well, what if we are not people who have the privileges? Should we blame the situation, or fate, which seems not on our side?

Maybe yes, but don't blame it, just accept it. But, if we are already aware that we have weaknesses (no privileges), it will be easier for us to start adapting.

If we still insist on having that privilege, it's the same as thinking that we can do nothing without that privilege. And this is dangerous.

After realizing and understanding our situation, conditions, strengths, and weaknesses, then do the natural instinct of mankind: adaptation.

We must have inherited genes from our ancestors to adapt. Because human ancestors who did not adapt to their environment would have been eaten by tigers or starved to death before they could produce offspring and pass down their genes.

Find our shortcomings and patch them by optimizing the advantages and all the facilities we have. Focus on the things you can do and control. Don't waste your attention on things that are out of your control.

Lastly, if we succeed in being at the top, start to have power, and can control situations that affect many people, don't complicate the situation unless you're an asshole.

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