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I'm one of those people who like to plan things that just end up being plans. The plan was done, but that's all. The plan is still a plan. There is no realization, yet.

I often look around at courses on Udemy and add many courses to the wishlist, but I haven't even completed a course until now. There are also many books that I have added to my Want-To-Read list. But in a few weeks, I was still stuck at a book.

Well, I've read and watched all the articles and videos about procrastination. However, it still doesn't work, until last night I watched Ali Abdaal's video below, and there he gave an insight that I think is very interesting.

So, we like planning things and imagining what can be obtained from the things we plan. For example, by enrolling in many courses in Udemy, I can imagine myself in the future will be really good at programming after completing all the courses.

But after all the pictures and plans have been completed, now only the action remains. This is what makes it worse. We just want results but don't want to go through the process, especially after we realize that it will be a very long process (watching courses that total hundreds of hours, not included practicing).

The longer we imagine and plan something before starting the action, the lazier we are to carry it out because the fun times are over. There is nothing that can be imagined anymore, and the rest is action.

Ali Abdaal finally explained that we don't have to plan and imagine something before starting the action. So it's better if all the cool things about planning are done while taking the action. That's it.

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