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What to Do in The Morning

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The saying goes,

Don't sleep in the morning, or your sustenance will be pecked by the chicken.

Although many respond with, "No, I don't wake up in the morning, but it's because my class schedule is in the afternoon, and I have nothing to do in the morning," and other reasons that do not agree with the above saying, in my opinion, in general, the parable used in this proverb is very true.

I always try to write every morning. Write anything. Something to post here, or just abstract ideas and thoughts from my brain. It helps me turn on my brain in the morning. Usually, after that, even until night, I'll still be productive.

Meanwhile, if I play PES in the morning or scroll through Instagram and Twitter, I'll end up doing nothing that day. Even though I was supposed to study all day because my college entrance exam was near.

We really should maximize our time in the morning. At that time, our brains are still in their freshest state, after a whole night of rest, they are not used to think about anything.

It's a shame if you only use it in the morning for playing games and non-productive activities, because we don't take full advantage of our brain's performance.

It will be even better if the heavy work is done in the morning. Because in the afternoon, we are already tired and will be really lazy to do things, especially heavy ones.

But if we can't do work in the morning, we can replace it with light work that can provoke activity in our brain. Like, for example, writing something like this, or doing other things.

So that we'll get a sense of achievement for something that we managed to finish in the morning, which will motivate us to do anything until the evening.

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