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One thing that makes us hate socmed is a lot of noise in that place. There is a discussion for any single thing. Every time someone talks about it, the chance is someone will deny it. Discuss, deny, repeat. Why would we waste our time like that?

The biggest cause of this endless debate is the difference of opinion, which is caused by different points of view. Why do many people desperately defend their opinion and point of view, and don't want to accept that their opinion is rejected (although it's obvious that they're wrong)?

In my opinion, it's because they think that everything must make sense and have reasons behind it. And the reason is must fit in their mind. But unfortunately, everyone's mind is different, because everyone goes through different experiences and takes different lessons.

When there are two conflicting opinions, it is not uncommon for these two opinions to be both right and make sense. If so, it means that you can't just use common sense anymore. You have to look at it from another point of view, and there is empathy and religion.

If both make sense, we'll see which one makes more sense based on our feelings and empathy as humans. See also based on religion, which one is allowed, which one is not, which one is more recommended. But it is much better if we use religion as the first glasses.

Why? In Islam, it is explained that Allah the Exalted created our brains with all the limitations, then it is natural that there are many things in this world that we cannot understand, and if we follow His instructions and his willing, we will be safe.

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