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Underestimating Luck

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There are people who want to do anything that will surely end in success, because there is financial backing from their parents. but instead of realizing that they are already born rich, but do a seminar instead.

There is another example from the Veritasium video above. He said that hockey players when asked how they got into the NHL, the answer was between hard work, a great coach, or supportive parents.

They don't feel lucky to have been born at the beginning of the year. Does it matter? Of course, yes. 40% of professional hockey players were born in the first quarter, compared to 10% in the last quarter.

This is because the hockey league starts on January 1st, so children born in January are definitely bigger and taller (albeit a little), than those born in November/December, and therefore play more often and get more experience.

This privilege will continue to increase in benefits exponentially, year after year. Because once they are played and get better, they will continue to be played and get better.

Many people don't accept that their success is only due to luck, that's actually OK. Because if we are just a product of luck, our hard work and talent might not be considered anymore.

However, underestimating this luck factor is also not good. Later, they will be like those at the good positions, who see the people below them as if they failed because they didn't work hard enough or were not smart enough.

In fact, they may just be unlucky.

Then, the lucky ones make rules that aer more favorable to them than those who failed, because they think they are better. Eventually, a system that made the rich richer and the poor poorer will be formed.

This doesn't mean we can only be pessimistic and whining why we weren't born rich. Luck is only one of many factors that determine success.

We still have to work and do the best we can do. Even though we don't know what will happen tomorrow, at least we know that doing nothing will result nothing.

Increasing the effort also increases the chances of success. The more you try, the more you fail, and the more you will succeed.


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