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Language Is More than Words

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We all need to communicate with other people to get what we can't get ourselves. For that, we need a tool that can connect us all. And we already have that. Its name is language. However, it turns out that language is not just for that.

Language is perhaps the greatest human invention, because one of the things that makes humans superior to other creatures on earth, even though we are much smaller than elephants or giraffes, is our ability to work together. Not just working together to build something, but also sharing thoughts so that we can gather all knowledge from everyone, even from our ancestors.

Other animals, when they die, they cannot pass on their knowledge unless through their genes. On the other side, humans can pass on their knowledge through many media, ranging from inscriptions, notes, and there are now digital tools, which are very helpful for later generations to avoid the same mistakes as their ancestors, can always evolving and do not need to start everything from scratch, because they can continue what has been achieved by previous generations.

Our logic is also growing really fast. Many things were used to be only understood in the brain and could not be expressed by words and scientific explanations. But now, almost everything can be described and explained by science, using language that is even easy for novice people to understand.

Let's just be grateful that we were born to be humans, not mosquitoes.

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