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What is Keystone Habit?

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One of the most effective ways to increase our life is by building good habits. Some habits have a more significant impact than other habits, which will usually trigger other habits. Charles Duhigg, in his book The Power of Habit, calls this habit the "Keystone Habit".

These Keystone Habits are more likely to change us, because if we have these habits, other habits will follow like a domino effect.

For example, a man decides to start a diet. Over time he will save money because he cooks himself and doesn't eat at restaurants anymore. Then he realized that he had to stop smoking because it had a significant effect on his diet. And he will also begin to adjust his sleep pattern to suit the recommended diet, and so on.

Well, besides diet, here are some Keystone Habits that we can do. We just need to commit to these habits, and other habits will follow.

Health Trinity #

There are; eat healthy, exercise, and get enough sleep. Usually, these habits trigger each other, because it will feel incorrect when we start exercising diligently, but we still eat unhealthy food.

Sleep #

Getting enough sleep is usually the most important habit. If we sleep enough, everything will feel easier. We can get enough energy for the next day, be motivated, be more focused, and get more self-control.

Planning #

Write a to-do list for a few minutes in the morning, so it's clear what to do that day and what the order of priority is. If we don't have a plan, most likely, the whole day will feel like just passing by.

Tracking #

After planning and working on it, it will be clearer and better if there is data that shows what we have been working on that day.

Sometimes we don't realize how much time we're wasting. For example, we feel like we're only browsing for half an hour per day. But after tracking it, we found out that during that month, we spent 1/2 x 30 = a total of 15 hours for browsing. It feels different.

After successfully running the Keystone Habit, other habits will likely follow.

But, apart from the positive Keystone Habit, there are also negative ones. And if we manage to find this negative Keystone Habit and eliminate it, the domino effect will also exist. So other negative habits will also disappear, God willing.

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