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Many people are worried about the development of the technology industry. Especially artificial intelligence and robotics, because there are many stories of how robots can replace human work by automating almost the entire production chain, making many people suddenly unemployed.

But besides erasing thousands of jobs, technology also creates millions of new jobs that have never existed or were thought of before. Humans will not really be jobless. Robots are made only to complement humans, not replace them.

It's just a matter of how we can develop ourselves and follow the existing developments, so that we can also take advantage of this technological progress, and not be displaced.

To not be left behind, we must learn continuously, even though we are no longer a student, and we already have a comfortable routine.

Thanks to technology, there are many new things that are very exciting, because technology certainly makes everything more efficient and effective.

We can't close our eyes and not learn about it because we feel very comfortable with what we are now.

Make The Time #

Do not hesitate to spend more time studying, because, in the end, we will save more time with what we have learned. For example, it only takes us three hours to learn basic formulas and Excel functions. That will make it much easier for us later if we want to manage data which usually takes days if we don't know how.

There is The 5 Hour Rule that is worth trying. It says that we have to spend one hour of our time every day, five days a week, to study. You can read books, follow developments in the world of technology through news, take online classes, or do anything that broadens your horizons. We can do this in the morning, when we are still very fresh.

What to learn? #

There are actually many things that we can learn. For example, we can explore other things related to our routine. For YouTubers, learn how to take and edit professional videos. If we were teachers, learn different interesting ways to teach, for example.

For other professions, we just have to google it, and usually, there are people who share their learning path that we can follow.

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