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Many successful people say that they got their success after going through many failures, but most people only see success. So many people want to be successful but don't want to feel a failure.

People say,

Failure is a delayed success.

And it is true. Because after we experience failure in some way, we will not repeat it and avoid that mistake again because we already know what caused it, and it should be impossible for us to fall into the same hole.

Who starts first and feels failure will be the first to achieve victory because he has tried all the ways, and he knows which ones lead to failure and which ones end to success.

If we don't start and are afraid to fail, how will we know which way will lead to success? Yeah, maybe we can think before we start and plan everything so that we don't fall into failure. But if we don't try the plan, we still won't know which plans worked and which failed.

There will be a point where we have to start trying the plans we have prepared. It's indeed unlikely that we'll achieve success on the first attempt. But try it first. If it works, thank God, if it fails, try another way.

The point is don't be too afraid to start. Just start. If it fails, it's okay. The sooner we start, even though we fail, the closer we are to the goal. Enjoy the process.

In my opinion, experiencing failure is worth the time, cost, and energy that we can save instead of planning everything 100% successful on the first try because it usually takes longer.

Don't hope that we can also succeed without ever feeling a failure. There is a chance, but it's unlikely it will happen to us.

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