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Social media is a place where we are free to say anything, express opinions, criticisms, suggestions, share entertainment, content, etc. But we still can't share haphazardly.

There are rules that apply. Most of them are not written, just like the rules of the ethical code of the netizen community. Even though it's online, it's still humans who own and hold the account, so there should still be rules.

Before sharing your opinion or any type of writing, make sure it doesn't contain content that can offend other people, certain groups, anyone. It's not impossible that if someone feels offended, they can reply to us, fuss over us, and even bring it into real life.

Make sure that every word we write has a reason behind it. Think "why" in every word, even if possible in every letter. So that later, if someone is offended even though we don't mean it, we can explain the original meaning of our writing and how to interpret it. Because everyone has the right to have their own interpretation.

Also, think about the impact of each letter that we write. There could be someone who really peels all our writing down to the single letters. Because from our writing style, they can tell what our personalities are really like, what the hidden intentions are, even though it could be wrong and we didn't mean it that way.

It's also better to anticipate so that people don't misinterpret our writing, by writing clearly and unambiguously. Don't let any logical flaws in it. Immediately write what we mean and what is not in the writing.

Try to imagine how people will respond, and start anticipating from there, until there is no more room for people to object or just feel offended by our writing. The point is to think about everything, think about why and all the possibilities later.

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