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Sometimes, we meet people who need help but have bad attitudes; an ojek asking for direction without greeting first, or beggars who beg rudely. It indeed makes us feel uncomfortable afterward, so we then don't bother to help them.

I used to be like that too, especially since I often read books about self-improvement that emphasizing attitude, so I generally know what is good and polite and what isn't.

It's also uncomfortable to see people who don't even think about attitude. But over time, my perspective began to change. I realize that apparently not everyone is given the opportunity to also read the books that I've read and many people grow and live in an environment that doesn't care about self-improvement, where the need for surviving life is much more important.

Ojek and beggars are apparently part of them. They most likely don't have time and chance to read Dale Carnegie's books. If they ever read that, then there is very little chance that they will become ojek and beggars.

After realizing that, I began to understand the philosophy of rice,

"Be like the rice stalk, as it is laden with ripening grains, it bows down."

If we have an advantage over other people, it doesn't mean we can blame or demean people who don't understand.

In my opinion, it is our duty to understand them and treat everyone according to their standards and according to their class.

So if there is an ojek who suddenly asks for direction without asking permission, just help them out. They are in a hurry. If there are beggars who ask for more money, just give them. They are hungry.

Only if there is a CEO who wears a suit but is still rude to his subordinates in front of everyone, we are permitted to be uncomfortable and not accept it. Because he, at the level of a CEO, shouldn't be doing things that are usually done by grocery owners.

Just be humble, my friends.

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