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A few months ago, when I started writing here, I could write a post once a day. Writings that weren't posted could even be up to three times a day. I was very diligent in writing at that time because after graduating from high school, I feel that I have learned a lot of lessons, thank God. I will regret if they just disappear, so I wrote it down and posted it here.

I first started this blog in June 2018 to write my post about organizations, because at that time, I was just about to begin joining organizations when I was in high school. But, in 2018, I only posted two posts, and 2019 was the same, two posts too. It started to be more active since July 1, 2020.

But writing once a day only lasted until the 17th of that month, then it decreased to every three days, once a week, three times a month, until last September until now, I haven't posted anything at all.

There are many factors. I have many tryouts' schedules for my college test preparation almost every day, and I take care of many registrations. Moreover, I am unable to make time and just really lazy.

I want to start writing again because I feel like I already have ideas that I can write about. I've always written based on my writing itch, write what I want to write. So I don't have a schedule. Last July, I just happened to have a lot that I wanted to write about.

On this website, I also don't choose a particular niche, because all posts are really what I want to write about, and they can be anything.

Moreover, I also don't make money here, although I can because this blog has been approved by Google Adsense, so I can post ads. Still, I don't care about it because ads are sometimes annoying and just make very little money. I just checked yesterday; I got 300 from Adsense. IDR 300 (about 0.021 USD).

I write and post here just because I want to. I want to have something that I built from zero, which I actually created myself, so there are things I can do when I have free time, and it has results. It has form.

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