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Our Happiness and Theirs

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Our happiness standard is indeed different. So don't be surprised that even if we are richer, more handsome, smarter than someone, and we see how he look really happier than us even though they are less rich, less handsome, and less smart than us.

They don't care if they are stupid or ugly. They will be happy in their own way. Some are happy by meeting their friends, eating delicious street food, winning chess matches, and various other things that we might consider very trivial, simple, and pretty impossible to make us happy.

But that's how it is; people's standards of happiness are different.

Some say the purpose of life is wealth, power, rank, a happy family, with all its luxuries. And there are also those whose life goals are simpler, such as being able to be happy with friends, being able to eat enough, not having many friends but very close and solid, and other simple things.

Which one is correct? And which is wrong?

The right one, the wrong one. It depends on you. If you are really ambitious and have a massive goal, go for it with all your might. That's OK.

And if you don't really want a hectic life and always feel enough, a simple life with a simple purpose is not a problem.

When our environment makes us uncomfortable with our goals, maybe we want a simple life, but our environment demands us to be ambitious, or vice versa, moving is always an option. Or you can try to adapt.

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