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Sorry, I am not translating this because it's just my casual convo. But here is a raw translation from my buddy Google Translate. Cheers!

one day, #

d: July 10th, it's going to be difficult to find a driver, bro

w: why really, sir?

d: we drivers want to protest

w: oh, why sir?

d: we just want to show we don't like it, starting to get a lot because of the rules that make it difficult for us

the driver

w: what are you doing, sir?

d: there are regulations from the government, each driver must have their own sk, to get the sk, you have to pay 5 million/year/car, while we get a bonus of at most 180k per day, so it won't be closed, now it's okay like in 2016 I could get 17 million/month,

w: oh that's okay, that's so many people are interested in becoming drivers, sir

d: yes, burn money is the first term. Not to mention that we are charged with a personal car tax of 3-4 million, instead of the general one which is only 600k, also now we are competing with Blueberd, they can also accept orders from GoJec, and if there is a difference in rates, GoJec pays not passengers, that's why it's really good it's driver blue berd

w: Wow, it's already hard to close the sk, isn't it, sir?

d: yes, it's because there are many who can't pay the credit card, so those who have money, those who are already rich from the start win, they can provide a lot of cars and driver's certificates too, then we drivers who can't pay bills, we have to their cooperation, so people's cooperation fell, not free, not independent anymore, just like blueberd.

w: oh, but the daily bonus is enough, sir, for everyday

d: thank God that's enough, even though 20% has been deducted by the applicator, which they deducted directly from my initial deposit balance if there is an order

w: oh, they cut right off like that too, huh. even though they've already made a profit from those who put ads on the gojec application

d: yes, the government should also sign for GoJec to become a transportation company, not only does it have an application like it is now, so that there will be no more regulations from SK et al, but GoJec doesn't want to, so we are the little people signing it

w: Yes, sir, capitalism. We, who are still students, feel that way, school is useless!

d: well, why?

w: like this, sir, we study from kindergarten until we graduate from college, basically it's just moving the contents of the book to the exam paper, the content is only theory, no practice at all, learning must be a textbook, really don't have anything called innovation.

innovation in problem solving or creative ways of creating new solutions that are more effective is considered wrong, never being taught how to speak, how to negotiate, etc. which is really needed when you graduate.

We feel that since kindergarten we have been designed to become employees who can run their machines, they are capital owners who have been rich from the start, have been designed so that later they grow up to be rich, people who wake up at 5 every day, go to work, only come home at 7 Evening, repeating that for 30 years, there is no hope of improving the welfare of life because it was not designed to be like that from the start.

That's why when I was in the 11th grade, I was really diligent at the student council, I was catching up, I've always been anti-jumping to the front, speaking. Now, thank God, I have the courage to speak in front of the audience.

d: haha, that's right, I just found out. hey which house is this?

w: That's it, sir, the one with the stainless railing on the right, just play around here, sir.

d: oh ok. is the mosque there? I want to all go there.

m: sip. 30k right? this is Sir

d: thank you very much.. be careful ya

Don't worry, if you take an online taxi, just stay in the car. especially for the drivers who drive people from various walks of life every day.

Fortunately, it's natural for these drivers to always take the initiative to start a conversation, sometimes the content is useful and can't be found anywhere else. respect!


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