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Life shouldn't just be about solving problems, how to make money or what to eat tomorrow. But it should be about how can we be useful and make everyone's life more meaningful. Not everyone has to be a motivator. Everyone can work in their respective fields.

Find your own goal, or you will only be part of someone else's goal. Be an employee also actually only help our boss achieve his goals, which are disguised as "company goals".

And the goal that we want to achieve should not be about ourselves. But it should be useful for as many people as possible. Elon Musk even said that he created Tesla to lure other car companies to make electric cars, too, so that we can save the environment.

He doesn't mind his own business. SpaceX was also created to fulfil the human dream of living on Mars, but for that, Musk needs money, so he sells some goods and services. But broadly, everything he does is aimed at benefiting all humans, not just himself.

That's why Musk is very famous and considered by the whole world, because his goal involves EVERYONE. If our goals and dreams only involve a small group of people, then only they will help and fight with us.

Involve as many people as possible in our dreams and goals and give them the benefits.


If you don't even dream it, how can you make it happen?

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