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This morning I just installed PES 2017 on my laptop. Yea, even though it's 2017 but it's been modded, so it's similar to the 2020 one. The players have also been transferred. It was so fun. But then I spent too much time on it. I'm a little bit panicked because I already have a class schedule today. I regret.

At that time, I watched Hutata's video. The content was really good, even though I had read the concept before, but it was presented in a new way, and apparently, I didn't understand the point before. About a jar filled with balls, gravel, and sand.

If we do things that aren't really important first (like playing, chatting, etc.), we won't have time to do things that are really important.

But if we do things that are important first, we will still have time to do things that are not essential.

In fact, there will be a sense of pride because we feel successful in carrying out our obligations. On the other hand, if we just keep playing, we will end up with regret.

The main thing is to complete the obligation first, then you can play, or even better, continue working on the work so that you can get much better results.

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