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Sometimes I just don't like it when I see people complaining about something and immediately intervene as if they understand the most. Damn.

For example, suddenly, there is a rule that you are not allowed to ride a motorbike. There will be some people who hear the rules for the first time, reject them outright, say they won't obey, complain about the rules, why are they like that, they should be like this, etc. etc.

Even though they often don't really understand the new thing and don't know the impact, background, or benefits. Often they complain just for their sake.

It wasn't just about them, though. They're not the only ones affected.

And again, there must have been many factors that rules were set. For example, the rules are not allowed to bring a motorbike earlier.

It could be that the road around the school is busy and there have been lots of accidents that have occurred, and the victims are schoolchildren. Then, maybe the students drive their bikes like ghost riders.

And if the rules only set a maximum of 30km/hour, the students will definitely not obey them. So, there is no other way except forbidding students to bring motorbikes completely.

What is clear is that everything must be done for everyone's goods, so the rules should have been thought very carefully, and as a result of a long discussion of the regulators involved. It's impossible to just suddenly announce new regulations.

But, the human being is certainly not free from mistakes. So, no matter how long the discussion, the result still can has mistakes. It could be because the committees are baby boomers, so they are usually rigid and tend not to accept new changes.

Well, here we can protest, not protest, but give polite suggestions or criticisms. If we are polite and our suggestions are logical and helpful, they will surely be happy to accept them.

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