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Many people say that if you want to be disciplined, you must have a very strong intention, a very tight schedule, an outstanding level of willingness, etc. Even though there is an easier way for us to be disciplined without being too pushy, but it could be the most influential. Wanna know?

We're talking about setting up our environment. We can find and condition our environment around us so that it will support us to be disciplined. It's useless for us to force ourselves to be disciplined if our environment doesn't support us. The point is, make good things easy to do and make bad things complicated. Here are a few tips you can try.

Find a friend who shares the same purpose #

It doesn't need to be one same dream. The most important thing is not to spend too long with people who tend to block and hinder us. People said,

"Show me your friends and I will show you your future."

Moreover, it will be more fun if it is supported by friends.

Keep the alarm far away #

It means putting an alarm that wakes us up in the morning far from the bed. Because if we're close, we'll press the snooze button again and again. If it's far away, we have to walk first just to snooze it, and before pressing it, we'll be already fresh. It's just an example of complicating a bad habit.

Prepare the same clothes #

Choosing what clothes to wear every day can make us suffer from depression fatigue. If possible, make clothes in your closet in such a way so that they don't differ much, if you don't want to wear the same clothes every day. This will save quite a bit of time, especially in the morning.

It all depends on each environment. Explore around what can be removed, replaced, moved, added, kept away, or approached so that everything is arranged to help us reach our goal.

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