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Sometimes there are times when we really want to do something and be busy be doing it. We have time and energy that we want to give into something, but we don't know what, because we don't want our time and energy to be wasted; doing something that has little to no benefit. To avoid that, there is one principle that we must know.

It is the pareto principal, which says that 80% of the results come from 20% of the effort, and the remaining 80% of the effort only gives 20% of the results.

For example, 80% of the book's content is in 20% of the pages, the rest is just the story, and 80% of the movie's main story is in 20% of the plot, the rest is just character development etc.

Before we do or work on something, it would be much more efficient if we first identify which 20% is the most essential of it that contains 80% of the results, and then focus on that.

We don't need to carry out the remaining 80% because it only provides 20% of the results. It's not really worth it, is it? We can move on to other things, find the other main 20%, and so on.

What makes us move forward is not just hard work, but also smart work, by putting our efforts into the right things. Don't forget we only have such limited time in our life.

If we can apply this to everything in our lives, we will have a lot of free time. We have to look for other valuable things and make sure everything we do is not in vain. It's useless for us to save our time on useful things, but instead, we waste a lot of time on things that are not useful.

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