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Some things that, based on my experience, are important but people don't really care about. It's not that big of a difference, but it's enough to make people more comfortable with us.

"see, he can't do it. I am the best." #

It is proof that we humans always think that we are the best.

It will look better, cooler when compliments come from others, which will increase our authority in people's eyes.

"i will do the better." #

Looks ordinary, but there is one error in this sentence, small but has a significant effect.
Mentioning the words "me", "me", or the like in a forum only makes people think we don't need other people. It's better to say "we".

"i am sorry, but you are wrong." #

There was already an apology there, but the following sentence cancelled it out, indirectly.

A sentence that has the meaning of blaming people's opinions directly, will make him not appreciate suggestions or corrections from us later.

First, confirm his opinion, give a problem that his opinion can't solve, then correct it.

"you all have not done anything yet." #

Usually often spoken by superiors in the organization, without looking at the whole, only a piece of it.

Even though most of them have carried out their obligations. Or just because a few have not, then all are affected. It's better if you speak according to the facts. Don't be controlled by lust.

"hey, mate. you must do this, this, and this." #

Spoken in the majority of high school students organizations. Friends are still friends, don't let the organization make us like employers and employees.

Don't order, but ask. Add the word "please", and when finished, say "thank you". Lastly, never get angry with your team member, because they are a reflection of you.

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