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How to Be Consistent

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I've watched many YouTube videos about people writing resolutions for the new year. Still, I've never written anything like that because I'm aware that resolutions like that rarely last until February. Why?

For example, if we write in the new year, we must be good at German. Then every day, we start training and continue to practice at Duolingo for a month. And then things start coming up like piled-up tasks, work that must be done, etc., forcing us to postpone our German training.

Because of often be postponed, eventually, we will leave it and say goodbye to Duolingo. One of the reasons is usually because we think, why should I try to learn German? I have absolutely no intention of going to college there, and it seems impossible to just take a walk there.

To be consistent, our way of thinking must be changed. Lots of incredible people that are multilingual or polyglot. Ronaldo can speak 6 world languages ​​, and Bung Karno can even speak 10 languages. We can change our mindset. Mastering a foreign language doesn't have to be because we want to go there or continue our studies there. Learning a foreign language can increase our skills, even though later it is still not needed, but there are still many benefits. It applies to other things, too.

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