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Don't Make It Complicated

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Usually, there are two ways to do a job; simple and complicated. Most likely, the majority of us will choose the simple one. Because usually, the simple ones take less time, less energy, and less cost.

But it turns out that there are also some people that choose the complicated way, even though the job is trivial and can actually be done using a simple method. LOL.

Actually, people who choose the complicated way for trivial things have their reasons. They want everything to be perfect, without even the slightest flaw. And to achieve that perfection, they are willing to spend more energy, more time, and more money so that everything runs smoothly.

They don't like (but are often just afraid) if the results are not perfect or not what they want. So they anticipate it by doing the most complex method, paying attention to the most detailed things and not ignoring anything at all.

Doing something seriously is necessary, sometimes. Most importantly, not underestimating things. Like, for example, a business or job that is really important. It shouldn't be done carelessly.

But if we already complicated the trivial things, what if we face the important stuff? Imagine how complicated they will be. It's better to save energy.

Treat all things as they should be treated. Don't complicate the simple things, and don't underestimate the crucial things.

If you can keep it simple when dealing with important things, that's even better. As long as it still works. But how to see all things as the simple things, no matter how complicated it is?

Read a lot of books, broaden your horizons, look at everything with positive glasses but don't spread toxic positivity. The point is to understand that it is nothing. There are still many people who go through more difficult things, and they succeed without even complaining.

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