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As a student majoring in Informatics, I'm a bit disturbed by the news of Artificial Intelligence (AI) everywhere, which has started to replace the developer's job, they said.

In the past, AI and robots were considered to only be able to replace easy, patterned, and repetitive tasks such as cashiers. But now, the ability of AI has grown so far that it can begin to imitate the way humans think.

Finally, there is GPT 3, which can produce words as if they were made by humans. The words produced are very similar to those actually produced by humans. GPT 3 is trained using 175 billion parameters, so it is smart enough to create an article.

Not only that, several engineers have succeeded in making cool tools using GPT 3. The most interesting thing for me is the React code generator made by debuild.co.

Just imagine, all you have to do is write the description, press the Generate button, and wait a moment. The code will be ready, and the app will function as you wish.

Some also have succeeded in making the Figma plugin, which can generate designs from the description we provide.

Creating memes? Done.

Does it mean that everyone whose work is related to programming will lose their job because of this GPT3? And can everyone eventually be able to make applications?

Personally, I don't think so. GPT 3 obviously still needs human intervention to produce something. The produced code may not work 100% according to our needs, so we still have to improve it ourselves.

And the only ones who can fix this code are those who understand, so ordinary people still can't make their own complex applications and work 100% out of the box.

But it's still much easier than having to write the code from scratch, right? So far, maybe GPT 3 can help us in our work, but it still can't really replace us.

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