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Don't Ask Advice from The Expert

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For people who are new in a field, the most effective way to grow is to ask for advice from people that already considered good at that field, as many said.

If you want to start a business, then seek advice from Sandiaga Uno or Erick Thohir. If you want to be good at writing, follow Tere Liye. If you want to be a singer, ask Raisa.

But actually, their suggestions may not even be relevant for us. Why?

No offense, but they are already far above our level, so all the steps, tactics, and strategies they use are also at a different level from us. Doesn't even fit.

The things that are important for beginners like us, they probably don't know anymore. They have been in their field for a long time and no longer need to go through the "beginners" period.

Even if they still know, there must be certain conditions that we must fulfill first if we want to carry out their advice. And yes, it just means that it doesn't fit with us.

As beginners, we should need practical advice that can be done and proven to affect our growth.

In my opinion, such rich suggestions can only be obtained from people who are slightly above us.

They've passed everything we will be through, but not too far. Just a step or two ahead of us.

So they still really understand what is essential and what beginners really need to do, so we can grow well without going through the problems they have gone through.

They can guide us, so we don't fall into the same hole they've been in.

And for people who are already legend at the field, the hole they've been before may have been closed a long time ago, thus irrelevant to us.

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