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About the site #

There are two reasons I build this site:

  1. I often suddenly get a pretty good idea or just a random thought, but then just forget them. I hate it so I started dumping my thoughts in notes, (I use Obsidian).

  2. I also often face some problems in my daily life (escpecially during development involving codes). I think it would be better to document my solution in notes, too. So other people don't need to get the same confusion as I did.

Some good notes will be edited and published here.

In every website I wrote, I focus on maximizing one aspect. This site is built with performance as a priority, so it's pretty simple. All the cool stuff is in my other projects.

About me #

My name is Muhammad Mufid Utomo. I am currently an Informatics student. I just code as a hobby, at least for now. Have also been busy learning and trying some things, see what I'm doing now.

Check out my online presences:

Wanna reach out? The best way for contacting me is via email.