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Hello! Welcome to my site. Here is the place I dump some of my thoughts that (I think) worth sharing. Please read more about me and this site. Also take a look at my previous projects.

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While you're here, I'd like to say that I've just rebuilt this very website and I'm kinda proud of it. Now, this website has a perfect score in Lighthouse (means it's very fast thanks for this template), and is bilingual.

Your privacy is important to me

This website uses Beampipe for analytics purposes, which doesn't use cookies and is much more privacy-focused than Google Analytics. It is also compliance with GDPR, PECR, and CCPA. I do care about your privacy 🤗.

Why dark mode?

I chose dark mode and didn't make the dark/light mode toggle because an extensive German opthalmology research concluded that reading dark text on a light background thins the choroid, the vascular layer of the eye, contributing to myopia, while reading light text on a dark background increases the thickness of the choroid. I care about your eyes, too.

You don't like dark mode? I hope you do now.

I'm planning to add more functionalities and redesign some parts in the near future. See more about this web and follow the development on GitHub.

That's all, have a nice day!

P.S. You can test this website yourself, if you want!